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Electric Nail Clippers
Electric Nail Clippers
Electric Nail Clippers
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Electric Nail Clippers

242 SAR

Take control of your nail care with our Electric Nail Clippers. With adjustable cutting options and two-speed settings, you can achieve the perfect nail shape. Designed with safety in mind, it's suitable for children too. Easily operated with a button, it includes a small container to catch nail clippings. Cleaning is a breeze, making nail care effortless.

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Our Electric Nail Clippers offer you complete control over your nail shaping. With adjustable cutting options, you can achieve the desired nail length and shape effortlessly. Whether you prefer a precise trim or a smoother finish, these clippers have got you covered.

To cater to different preferences and nail types, our nail clippers feature two-speed settings. Choose the appropriate speed for your needs, ensuring a comfortable and efficient nail trimming experience.